Servicing is a vital part of looking after your classic and yet many people overlook this vital work. Over the years we have heard many stories of owners having their cars damaged due to ignorant garages who simply don't understand or care about how to maintain older vehicles correctly. Fortunately Retrohance are on hand to give your classic the best possible care and attention so that you can enjoy your car without the worry of breakdowns or damage. 

Our in depth knowledge means that we can obtain the correct parts, oils, coolants and greases for your vehicle, to ensure that it continues to work just as it should. We supply a receipt detailing exactly what work has been carried out and can stamp your service book to ensure your classic maintains it's pedigree. 

Best of all, for the majority of vehicles you don't need to come to us, instead we can come to you and completely service your classic without having to leave the house. We can work around your schedule to ensure that correct maintenance of your classic doesn't become a chore. 

We are based in Crewe, Cheshire, and cover Cheshire, Manchester, and Staffordshire.

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