12g940 Ported Cylinder Head Small Bore Special - Retrohance Classics

12g940 Ported Cylinder Head Small Bore Special

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Retrohance heads are made in line with the very latest advances in performance porting work. Unlike most of the heads on the market, Retrohance heads are developed with a focus on providing the very best performance across the rev range, rather than the peaky power band delivered by other modified heads. Oversized ports significantly reduce low down torque, making the car unpleasant to drive and ultimately delivers inferior performance. Close attention to detail means our heads give the perfect blend of insistent torque, turning into howling power as the revs rise. 

Specially created for hot small bore engines, the small bore special uses a modified 12g940 with standard 33.3mm intake valves and 29mm exhaust valves to deliver excellent power in performance orientated small bore engines. A cost effective and better performing alternative to the usual 998 Cooper cylinder head, which is very difficult to find in good condition and very very expensive when you do!